Thursday, August 27, 2009


6.5 months, its about time for a haircut. Especially for our little long-hair Casey. Lucky kid, his Auntie Ana is a professional... But, I figured 'how hard could this be?' I'm just gonna take a rice bowl, turn it upside down on top of his head, and cut around it. Simple huh? Well, the first thing I didnt count on was constant movement. We sat him in a bumbo seat, and broke out the scissors. I quickly learned if we give him something to put in his mouth, his attention would be diverted, giving us a chance to cut. Oh yeah, but first, 'we' put his hair up, in a.. I dont know. Just up.. See the photos.. I cant really explain it. Anyway, about 30 seconds into this endeavor, I was wishing we had the services of Ana the professional. I could just picture poking an eye out with the scissors. That would be bad. Alas, no such disaster.. Just a haircut, maybe a little TOO short, but, hey, it'll grow.

What are those things in your hand?

I'm speechless..

Hey, I can see, there's no hair in my eyes!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Last weekend, Uncle Ed brought Chantal and Elena to SD to meet little Casey. Weekend highlights included a family Wii tournament, beach day with the girls and a sunset family stroll. A great weekend with family.


Three cousins

Impromptu family portrait on the stairs

Casey leanin' like a cholo

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Greetings to all. Welcome to the my latest blog post. This one will cover my recent experience of feeding Casey. He just turned 6 months old, and according to the research, that means its about time to start feeding him 'solids'. Let me start by clearing up a misnomer. There is nothing solid about 'Solids'. It isnt solid when it goes in, it sure as hell isnt solid when it comes out. Why they call it solids is beyond me. Anyhow, my first experience feeding Casey 'solids' went something like this...

The 'solid' was a small jar of sweet potatoes. Supposedly, they make different sizes of jars, which correspond to the age of the child. As the kid gets older, you buy bigger jars. Why cant adult portions be like that? The older you get, the bigger steak you get served... That could work. Ok, back on track. These sweet potatoes are BRIGHT orange. Its my understanding that part of the reason to introduce 'solids' at this age is to aid the growth of the digestive system. Well, if that part of the goal, I say this first experience failed. About a day after I shoveled this stuff into his face/mouth, Casey blasted out the exact same stuff... Same color, same consistency... but get this... about twice the volume came out! Exactly how does this happen? He ate a couple of ounces, max... and about a pound and a half came out the other end... Amazing.

Anyways, back to the feeding. We sit him in the high chair, put a bib on him, and get a rag ready. I get a small spoon full, and aim for his mouth. Let me just say this was an inefficient process. First off, I'm trying to hit a moving target; he kept moving his mouth. So, sometimes I hit cheek, other times I missed completely. The next challenge is keeping what I do get in his mouth from from oozing out. Let me put it this way, out of that small jar, a portion I completely missed with. This stuff ended up on his face, on the bib, on the high chair tray. Of the portion that got in his mouth, some of it oozed back out, and seeped down his chin. Whatever was left over he presumably actually swallowed.

That wasn't the only inefficiency either. This sloppy process took much longer than I expected. I would try to aim a portion in his mouth. Then he would dodge my efforts for a while. Then he would opt for his thumb, and suck on that for awhile. Then, he would cry. I actually began timing it so when his mouth opened to cry, I'd get the spoon in there! Is that bad???