Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Last Man Standing

It hit last Sunday night. Daddy was the first to go down. Food poisoning- stomach flu... I ain't a doctor, so I don't know the official name for what I got, but I can describe it for you... But I won't... Just know I had it coming out both ends and it wasn't pretty. Just before 6am Monday morning, I was throwing up in the bathroom, and Casey comes downstairs and says, "Stop making so much noise!" Ummm, sorry son, I'll try to vomit much quieter next time... Fast forward to late Monday night, when Mommy got hit. From what I understand, she had more coming out the front end as opposed to the rear end, but regardless, she definitely got hit. Then, at about 3am that morning... Casey threw up in his bed. Needless to say, that got the whole house into the kids room to comfort him. All the while, Sydney was standing straight up in his bed, looking at all of us sickos... With his familiar smile on his face...

One by one, we are all slowing recovering. And little Sydney hasn't been hit. So happy he is the last man standing, and just might make it through unscathed.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Future Raider-hater

Pix of Sydney in his Charger gear. Notice he is outside, standing on his own. This was taken during one of our "practice walks"; during his first couple of weeks walking, I am taking him outside as much as possible to let him practice walking...

Rocking the Philip Rivers Charger jersey and shades

The next challenge

Yesterday, Casey and I went for a morning bike ride. We got him a small present, a horn for his bike. So, here we were, him on his bike, riding and honking his horn, and me walking/jogging beside him. He then tells me that he wants to goto the park. He rides all the way to the park, (about a mile, round trip). We get to the park, and he even rides his bike up a decent incline, pumping his quad muscles like a champ. As he gets off his bike to head to the jungle gym, I notice his bike seat is a little wet. Immediately, he tells me, "I have to go potty". Thus began my introduction to potty training. Until now, it would have been easy; I'd have told him to simply pee in his diaper. But, this being the first week of potty training, he was wearing 'big boy underwear'. And Daddy, being Daddy, didn't bring anything with us. No spare clothes, no spare underwear, no tissues, no baby wipes, no portable toilet... I looked around and considered my options. There were no fire hydrants, so I couldn't pretend he was a dog. I saw some trees, but they were out in the wide-open, and it was a crowded Saturday at the park. I decided the best option was to make a mad dash for the public restrooms. We started out walking, and I thought it might be faster if I carried him. So I carried him all the way to the restroom, and approached the first urinal. I figured any boy of mine is gonna be a man and learn to pee standing up. I got him positioned in front of the urinal, and was beginning to undo his pants... When I saw a river coming from the bottom of his pant leg. I managed to get his pants and underpants out of the way, and he just continued to whizzz all over the floor. Considering the flow rate, and length of time he peed, that little guy sure can store a lot of pee in his bladder! Alas, he was now soaked, so our park playtime was cut short. He had a soggy ride home, where we dried and cleaned him. Looks like this potty training this is gonna be a challenge!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Last night, I took my boys on a walk to get the mail. Its not like we live out in the country, and have to walk miles to the mailbox... But, this was Sydney's first time walking to a destination. He was slow, but focused. He asked for my hand, and once I gave it to him, he held on to my finger and started out on his mission. He did great, and had a great time doing it. He was saying, "Ahblahhhblahhhahahahahablahhhh" pretty much the whole time, which loosely translates to, "Oh dude, oh dude, I'm walkin', check me out, I'm doin' it, yeah!" I think his big brother served as motivation, as Casey kept running a good distance ahead. But he kept within eyesight, and often came running back to Sydney and tickling him. At one point, he got on the other side of Sydney and offered his hand... With this support system, its no wonder Sydney had so much success!

Monday, February 6, 2012


There was a famous scene in the old movie "Caddyshack" where someone drops a chocolate bar in a crowded swimming pool... and chaos ensues. My boys reenacted that scene tonight. I was attempting to give both boys a bath, at the same time. I washed Sydney and stepped back to rest and stretch out my back. Both boys were splashing and playing in the bath water. I look at Sydney, and see a stream of pee coming out. No problem, it wasn't much pee, and the volume would be well diluted by the bath. Suddenly, I see a giant candy bar... 'Cept there is no possible way it was a candy bar. There is only one thing it could have been.. I had to think fast.. Evacuate the bath! I grabbed Sydney and pulled him out. I told Casey to let go of the bath toys, and get out. These days, he doesn't do it often, but this time, he listened, immediately. Thankfully, it was a rather solid log, so I had a few precious seconds to evacuate the bath before the contamination spread. I now realize the movie depiction wasn't very life-like. See, when the real thing is exposed to water, it begins to disintegrate. Little pieces fall off, and the log generally breaks up. In addition, the water slowly begins to get a muddy, brownish tint. My immediate focus was to save my boys from the contaminated water, I did not stop to photograph or video the disaster. Sorry.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cruisin' the Strand

My big boy just turned three. In the morning, during our bike ride around the neighborhood, I asked him if he wanted to ride bikes at the beach. He wanted to, so I took him on his first Stand Cruise. As he gets older, I'm sure he will ride the Strand countless times, 'taking in the scenery'... I'm guessing most of those rides won't include Dad. But hey, at least I was there for the first one. Thanks for letting me be a part of your maiden voyage!