Friday, April 25, 2014

Back to School, Again... Sydney Style

Last week, I had the chance to goto school with Sydney. It was a special day at school, they were having an Easter egg hunt. First we completed an art project. We made 'Easter Baskets' Sydney wanted his bunny to have a goatee, so Daddy drew one on there! We took the basket out into the field where Sydney hunted for Easter eggs. There were eggs everywhere, but once Sydney picked up about eight of 'em, he said, 'Thanks enough'... Gotta love the non-greedy, sharing personality of this one! Once back in the classroom, I got to witness snack time. Boy Sydney sure liked them Goldfish (ie: baby-crack)

Art project... Custom Easter Basket
Egg Hunt
Of course Sydney finds the trains to play with...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

First Flight

The Wright Bros, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart, Chuck Yeager and Casey Wang... All linked together in the history of flight. Wright Bros: first successful airplane, first flight. Lindbergh: first non-stop transatlantic flight. Earhart: first female solo pilot to cross the Atlantic. Yeager: broke the sound barrier. Wang: First flight taken April 5, 2014.. LAX to Oakland!
While not quite as impressive as the other aviation firsts, it was a first for Casey... And he passed with flying colors. We took a flight from LAX to Oakland, just Daddy and Casey. In the time leading up to the trip, he was 'a little bit scared', but excited. Turns out, he had no problems. He navigated LAX airport with no issues. He withstood the Southwest Airlines cattle-call boarding process with no problems. He boarded the plane, choose a window seat and sat without worry. He was a little concerned how loud the jet engines would be, but once they throttled up for takeoff, he wasn't bothered. The flight was uneventful; he looked for Mommy and Sydney in our garage from approximately 10,000 feet. (We couldn't spot them) He read the aircraft safety manual like a good passenger. He drank his water and ate his pretzels and passed the time without fuss. We landed, deplaned, and he followed the 'ground transportation' signs right out of the airport.

Casey at LAX!
Reading and learning about the "Jet Plane" we were on.
Lookin' around the plane, taking it all in.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Game On

Sydney is playing a game. It's called the Pee and Poop game. No really... Here's how it works. Sydney has ditched his diapers and donned 'big boy underwear'. Whenever he needs to go poop or pee, he is supposed to do so in the toilet. For each successful 'deposit' he gets a point. Conversely, each time Pee and Poop get the better of him, and he unleashes at a location other than the toilet, Pee and Poop get a point. The rally cry in the house these days is 'Don't let Pee and Poop win'. We have score cards set up on the wall (strategically placed just outside the bathroom), and Sydney gets to mark his points each time he makes a successful toilet trip. So far, Sydney is winning, although the area rug and dining room chair would dispute that tally, as they have each become innocent casualties in this tense game of Pee and Poop!

Sydney comparing his points (Blue stat sheet) to Pee and Poop's points (Yellow stat sheet) GO SYDNEY!!!