Monday, April 30, 2012

Road Trip Interruptis

Recently, we took a roadtrip, or 'freeway adventure' as Casey likes to call them. We were only 20 minutes into our journey when Casey announced he needs "naptime underwear". You see, at this point in his potty training, he has learned to not poop in his 'big boy underwear', but he thus far refuses to poop in the potty. So, that leaves pull-ups, or 'naptime underwear'. Obviously, he has sufficient control over his poop-chute, because he can contract and expand as he wishes. Reportedly the stumbling block for pooping in the potty is that he doesn't like the splash... Don't we all... Anyhow, when he feels the urge to poop, he will ask for a pair of his 'naptime underwear'... and he'll poop in em. So this time, we are driving, so we pull off the freeway, and get him dressed in his naptime underwear... and he proceeds to walk around and scout out the perfect spot to do his business. As you can see from the photos, it took multiple locations to get the job done!!!

Walking around scouting locations:
Yes, that is the Interstate 5 freeway in the background!
"Leave me alone!"
The minivan should provide some privacy...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A day of firsts

Today was a day full of firsts. Casey asked to play baseball. We got the t-ball set out and he played baseball for the first time ever. This was the first day of Casey's baseball career. Whether it ends in little league (like his Daddy's baseball career, or it lasts until high school or beyond, today is the day it all started. Our next activity was swimming. While we have done that before, Casey JUMPED into the pool all by himself... For the first time ever... and the second time, and the third time... He was fearless, as he plunged in the water, fully submerged himself and FINALLY came bobbing to the surface! For those who are wondering; no he doesn't know how to swim, no, he wasn't wearing a floatation device, yes Daddy was there watching him closely, ready to fish him out of the water in case he didn't surface immediately. Yet another first occurred during our 'short walk' as he calls it. There is this tradition we started when he was very small. We walked to a local 'creek' and I held his hand and guided him while he stepped on a few rocks while crossing the 'creek'. Never once did we lose balance and end up in the drink. Well, today Casey blasted on ahead by himself, and by the time I turned the corner, I saw him... on the other side of the creek. I kept my distance, and silently watched from afar. He proceeded to cross back and forth, multiple times, effortlessly stepping from rock to rock, all on his own. Guess he doesn't need me for that anymore.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter 2012

This was the first year Sydney could really participate in an Easter egg hunt. We had a nice family gathering in San Diego, and Sydney, his bro and his cousins went hunting for eggs.

"Hey look, there's an egg!"

"I can reach this one"

"HA! Got it"

"Hey, there's one in the wagon"

"What's going on out here?"

Me and my big bro, checking out our loot