Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thinkin' it through

Today, curious Casey figured out how to use the couch to pull himself up to a standing position. He has been studying this task for a few days now; conditioning his fingers to gather the strength to pull himself up... calculating the friction coefficients of the couch upholstry, determining the best angle to pull up from. Today, the calculations were done, and the testing began. He had success! But he didnt really think the whole thing through. Once he was upright, how was he supposed to get back down?.. I mean, standing up is cool and all, but he cant sustain that position forever. Luckily, Daddy witnessed this whole sequence, and rescued him, before he fell from a standing position. Oh crap, as I type, he is attempting this 'standup' manuver via the stereo speaker.. Gotta go..


I just got done feeding Casey. I have to say, he's (we're) getting much better. Or at least more efficient. Far more of the food actually goes into his mouth now, and we are much more focused. Instead of take a bite, look around, suck a thumb, play with the food; its now.. take a bite, stare at daddy with a look that says, 'hurry up with the next spoonful, I'm hungry'

While I was feeding him, I got to thinking... Who recommended that we feed toddlers prunes? Why not just add ex-lax as an ingredient in baby formula... It would kind of achieve the same result.

I've been listening to the news lately, and 2 recent topics of discussion have been the 'cash for clunkers' program and the $8000 credit for home buyers... Anytime I come across topics like this, the first thing I do, is find out who is most vocal in support of the proposals... For example, car dealers loved cash for clunkers.. and real estate agent are all for the home buyer credit.... Why?? Simple.. They stand to gain the most.

So, following this logic, I'm betting it isnt some pediatric association that first recommended prunes.. It had to be Pampers, Huggies, Kirkland etc... Makers of diapers!! Think about it, who stand to gain the most from babies constantly pooping...

Here's a photo of a happy Casey being fed. No, it aint prunes.

Monday, September 7, 2009


My poor little Casey is now teething. As a result, he soothes himself by sucking on things... Lots of things, anything... Seriously, we have bought him 'chew toys'.. I know his nickname is 'Pup Jr.', but chew toys? Whats next, a flea collar?

Casey sucking his thumb. This occurs often, especially in between mouthfuls of food. The pattern usually goes, spoonful of 'solids', thumb... spoonful of 'solids', thumb. Repeat.
Forget the thumb, Casey got ahold of Mommy's chin.
Casey gettin practice for a "Coyote Ugly" girl. You know, 'Do I wake her up, or do I chew an arm off and bail....'
Casey sucking on Daddy's finger. I hope that finger is clean...

Like Father, Like Son

Well, from day one, there was no doubt that Casey was mine. When I first saw his head pop out, it was like I was looking in a mirror. Almost 40 yrs apart, lots of things have changed... Bouncers have improved, rug styles have changed, diaper technology has improved. But check out the photos, one cerca 1969-70, the other 2009!

PSW as a baby cerca 1970. Kinda reminds me of a restraint system that might be found in a mental institution. Hmm, maybe there are some things I dont know about my childhood... Note the color of the carpet.. I wonder if that color was chosen on purpose, if I spit up, or threw up, it likely would have matched the carpet color.

Casey as a baby in Sept, 2009. Much more colorful. I wonder how much money was spent on marketing, focus groups and psychiatrists over the last 40 yrs to come to the conclusion that blue with green accents is a great improvement over the mental institution bland of 1969. And about the carpets, light tan here, not gonna camouflage spit up, throw up or poop stains at all!