Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bike Ridin'

Casey is getting good on his bike. He has started to figure out the whole pedaling thing. There are times he stays at a complete stop; he just says, "Stuck"... and Daddy "un-sticks" him, by giving him a little boost to provide him with some momentum. He especially likes riding over speed bumps, and has figured out that in order not to get "stuck", he needs some initial approach speed.

Family bike outing

From generation to generation

The cycle of life. Once I was the student, alas, now I'm the teacher. A long time ago, my parents put me on tricycles and bicycles... Now it's time I pay it forward, and put MY kids on 'em.

Sydney recently got his first bike helmet. (Safety first) He now enjoys the ridealong seat that Casey started out on.

From a long time ago...

Getting ready for is FIRST ride ever!

Action Shot!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Single Digits

Dear Sydney,

Night time is for sleeping. You are doing so well, putting yourself to sleep in the evening. We are so proud of you... However, what's with the 2AM, 3AM, 4AM crying sessions? That is sleepy time. Here is a good rule to live by, one I practiced religiously all the way through college. If there is single digits on the clock, followed by an "AM"; it's sleepy time. When 10AM rolls around, see, there are two digits on the clock now, go ahead and wake up!

Mommy's tired, Daddy's tired.. Even your big bro jailbroke out of your room last night in search of peace and quiet. Please baby... remember; "Single digits = sleepy time"

Love, Dad

Bed manners

Dear Casey,

I can't say I blame you for leaving your room at 2AM. Clearly, you had enough of Sydney's crying and said, "F$^^& this, I'm going to Mom and Dad's room to sleep".
I absolutely LOVE the fact I got to open my eyes and the first thing I saw was your face, your big brown eyes and your smile. I love the fact that I got to snuggle you, and give you a head massage so you would fall asleep.
However, I would be neglecting my fatherly duties if I didnt take this opportunity to give you some advice. Trust me, this stuff will come in handy in the future, when you share beds with other people besides your mom and dad. (Read: girls)
People don't like to get kicked in the ribs while in bed. Lay straight, with your head toward the top of the bed, and your feet towards the bottom.. diagonal across the whole bed is not an option. Save some room for your co-inhabitants. I can't figure out how little ol you had control of such a large area of the bed, and big ol me was confined to a little sliver of bed, right next to the edge. We'll work on this... I assume (err HOPE) we'll have time and opportunity to practice a lot before you go off and start bed-hopping with "others"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Parrots are famous for being able to mimic human speech. Toddlers aren't far behind. Casey has reached that age where he will repeat stuff he hears. No, he's not dropping f-bombs and cursing like a sailor. Amazingly, the four letter words do not flow out of my mouth when Casey and Sydney are around! But recently, Casey has repeatedly blurted out two phrases over and over again...

1.) "You're driving me bananas!!" -- That one is all Mommy.

And the past couple days, when I come downstairs in the morning, Casey points back upstairs and says,

2.) "Go back to bed!" -- He must have gotten this one from us, when we greet him during his 6am wakeup call visits.