Friday, April 24, 2009

Picnic in the park

Last week, LA was hit with a heat wave. We decided to get Casey out of the house and to the local park for a picnic. We packed sandwiches us and a bottle for Casey. Perfect weather, lots of people and activity in the park.

I kissed Casey.
I fed Casey.
I burped Casey.
Casey ended the picnic. Alright, this is killing me, I gotta know. He didnt get this by riding a bicycle in the rain/mud without fenders. So, that leaves a couple of explainations. Short of getting a welders face shield and standing behind him during one of these episodes, I figure the best way to solve this mystery is to ask other experienced parents. What causes this?...
Is it reflection? As in, his nozzle is pointed in a certain direction (downward, as this is fixed, not variable) and the output gets reflected by a supposedly absorptive material (ie: diaper) and redirected in an upward direction?
Or... is it like the ketchup packet scenario... Like when you step on a ketchup packet on the ground, and the contents go shooting out the other direction...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

No safety net

This Saturday, the training wheels came off. The high wire act was performed without a safety net. PSW was on his own with Casey, as mommy took some time for herself, and actually went out, leaving PSW and PJ home alone. Once upon a time, such an act would have been considered child endangerment, warranting a call to Child Protective Services.
But, its a new day and PSW was ready. The afternoon started with us watching some TV. Then, PJ started crying. Time to answer the $64,000 question. What does the crying mean? Does it mean "I S*&^ myself", or "I'm hungry", or "I'm sleepy", or something else. In my book, hungry = grumpy; at least it does for me. So, I try to give PJ a bottle. He takes 2 sips, and doesnt bother swallowing. Scratch "I'm hungry" off the list. So I start massaging his head. Evidently, PJ likes this. See previous post/ photos here.

Sure enough he falls asleep. And sleeps... and sleeps. For 3 hours. Like father, like son. I'm not going to lie, I took a nap too! When he finally wakes up, (crying, of course) I assume this one means "I'm hungry". Turns out, I guessed right, as he sucked down that bottle like a champ.

After that, the fireworks started. (See Lucilla's definition here)

I patiently waited... and waited.. For 20 minutes! I see where this is going. When PJ gets older, he too will take a newspaper in the bathroom and disappear for long stretches of time. After the diaper change, mommy walks in the house, probably wondering if everyone was still alive. Yup, everyone was fine, and we enjoyed a daddy & son day alone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm a big boy

One day Casey practiced sitting up...

Hey mom, look at me.

Hey mom, are you watching?


Yeah, I got this sitting thing down.

Uh, maybe not. Mom what's going on here?

Hey, I can see myself in the mirror. I look good sitting up...all by myself.

Wow, I still look good.

Thanks mom, for finding the right spot in the chair that holds me up. Don't I look cute?

Yes, baby you are adorable!

Welcome Cousin Johnathan Joseph

While staying at Avo & Avao's we also got to visit the latest addition to the Rocha clan. Little Johnathan Joseph was born March 25th to Tony (my little brother) and Claudia (sister in law). It was fun during our pregnancies to compare notes since Claudia and I were about 2 months apart.

Below are some pictures of Casey and Johnathan. Keep in mind they were both 20 inches long at birth. Casey weighed just under 8 lbs and Johnathan weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz. What a difference a little less than 2 months makes.

Here's little Johnathan wrapped up in his ducky blanket. He's so precious!!

Proud Avao holding her latest grandson.

Proud mama holding her first child.

Here's Casey and Johnathan striking practically identical poses.

What a difference 2 months makes!!!!

Welcome to the world and family Johnathan!!!! Congratulations Tony & Claudia!!

First Visit to Avo & Avaos House

While Phil was off to Arizona for the NCAA March Madness and Spring Training sporting events Casey and I stayed at Avo (Grandpa) and Avao's (Grandma) house in Ontario. While there he got lots of visitors. His cousins Ashley and Chelsea even stayed from Friday night through Sunday just to get a chance to hang out with the little guy. Here are some pix from his busy 4 days.

Sonia and her daughter Cassandra (my good friend and goddaughter)

Cousin Chelsea...she really enjoys holding him. (my niece & goddaughter)

Tia Angela and Tio Joe (my big bro and sister in law)

Tia Ana (my big sis & madrihna)

Tia Filomena (my aunt on my mom's side). She loves the smell of babies and was sooo excited to see Casey because she hadn't smelled a baby in sooo long. She even got to smell him later that evening after he had a bath. Umm, smells good!

Sheika (my good friend)
Of course, Avao...our visit wore her out...but she loved every moment she got to spend with Casey.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Success, finally!

Have you ever tried and tried to do something... Only to come painfully close, again and again? Then, one day, you FINALLY SUCCEED?

This is what happened this week to my boy Casey. After countless tries, he got his hand to his mouth, and his finger extended INSIDE his mouth, where he could actually suck on it. Imagine the joy he felt at this moment!!!

He has been trying to duplicate this amazing feat ever since!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

1st Beach Day

Casey had his first beach day today. We took him to Manhattan Beach, just south of the pier. There was a volleyball tourny going on, so it was a perfect way to introduce Casey to the beach bum lifestyle that daddy has worked so long to perfect. The poor little guy still hasnt grown enough to fit into his first pair of sunglasses, so too much sun definitely makes him squint, "It's bright". He did have his first beach picnic meal, (alas, it was a bottle of milk, not quite Bekkers).
We werent there long, but Casey got to experience the beach and watch some volleyball.
Here is some beach volleyball action from Casey's 1st beach day.

Mom and Casey south of the pier.

We 'borrowed' some shade and fed Casey

Mom and Casey on the Manhattan Beach Pier

Friday, April 3, 2009


Today was Casey's 2 month birthday. Normally, birthdays are celebrated with cake, candles, parties or other fun/good stuff. Poor guy, his birthday was spent in the pediatricians office. I suppose this was by design, since they mandate a 2 month checkup. Lets just say this wasnt the most pleasant doctors visit. First they needed to take his temperature. That sounds benign enough... until I saw the nurse with the thermometer and I realized thats not an oral thermometer! I aint no dummy, and at that point I did the math and figured out where that thing was going... Yikes. So, my next thought was, 'I wonder if the nurse used some KY or vaso..' oops, too late. Casey is laying down, face up and I have a hand on his chest, looking into his eyes. At penetration, he has this perplexed look on his face... He doesnt even need a vocabulary because his look said it all, "WTF was that!!!!???" I thought about trying to explain it to him, when a huge grin came across my face. Thank god he had that expression in reaction to what happened. I mean, what if he smiled, or gave a look of content... That would be bad. It appears Casey agrees with daddy.. EXIT ONLY.

The next step was the vaccine shots. Little guy was scheduled to take 4 of them, two on each thigh. The dr. suggested both mom and dad get close to comfort him. So we both hovered around his face, touching him, and holding him. Doc proceeded to rub some cleaning solvent on his leg, and he was gently crying. Then, she stuck him with the needle, and he WAILED. Poor little guy. I couldnt figure out if he was hurt, or pissed. Probably a combination of both. I guess its a good thing he doesnt have a vocabulary yet. Who knows what colorful phrases would have come out of his mouth at this point. Doc finished up with the shots, and it didnt take long at all for Casey to calm down. He was such a trooper! And the doc kept saying how we all did a good job; and I'm thinking, he's the one who got violated and stuck, why are you congratulating me and mom on a job well done?

I'll leave you with a quick exchange Pup and I shared tonight. I was holding Casey in my lap, and Pup was across the living room. It sounded like Casey farted, (but you can never be sure... is it gas or is it liquid/solid?) After all, that would determine the classification of the noise.
We proceeded to have to following conversation:
Pup: Did he fart?
PSW: I dont know.
Pup: Did it come out of his mouth?
PSW: (perplexed, WTF kind of question is that) No, it came out of his A$$
Pup: Well, there you go, it was a fart.
PSW: Dont be so sure.
Pup: Did you check?
PSW: Umm, no.
Pup: You dont know the difference?
PSW: Well, not without sticking a finger down his diaper.

On that note...