Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Santee Lakes

Within the last few years, Santee Lakes was one of Ye-Ye's favorite place to go and chill. He enjoyed watching the ducks, feeding the ducks and watching Da Boys play on the playground. So, when our friends Daryl and Andy suggested a camping trip to Santee Lakes, we jumped on it. We rented all three 'floating cabins'; air conditioned cabins with kitchens and bathrooms that floated on the dock of the lake. All six boys, from all three families went. We all had an absolute blast. Daryl and Shirley showed Casey how to fish. Bright and early Saturday morning, the first words out of Casey's mouth were, 'I want to go fishing'! We took the paddle boats out on the lake, fed ducks, fished off the docks, made smores in the firepit, played in the pool and rode bikes. Nai-Nai got to join us for dinner on Saturday night.

When you are at the cabins, overlooking the lake, it is very relaxing, it feels like you are far away from civilization. Funny thing is, once you drive out the front gate, you are smack in the middle of Santee, 5 minutes from multiple grocery stores, or about ten minutes from Nai-Nai's house. Best of both worlds indeed.

Shirley Showing Da Boys How To Fish
Casey and Sydney on the Dock
Mommy and Sydney
Casey's First Fishing License
Nai-Nai and Sydney
Casey Fishing
Sydney Fishing
Da Boys Just Chillin
Dinner Time!
On the Paddleboat, Feeding Ducks
Group Pic

Friday, August 5, 2016

Another Goodbye

Its been a rough year for Da Boys. Good buddies Paolo and Gian moved to Seattle; cousins Jonathan and Samantha moved to Oklahoma, and now... Allison and Conner moved to Florida. Allison and Casey go WAAAAY back... well about as WAAAAY back as 7 yr olds can. Conner and Sydney were babysat together in their early days. Da Boys will miss their good buddies...

Casey and Allison Circa 2012
Then and Now
Goodbye Dinner