Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Community Day

Sydney's class had a community day. It was basically a costume day, where all the kids came dressed up as a member of the community. Ya know, police officers, doctors, fireman, etc. Sydney was the UPS man. And he brought a giant package.

Friday, February 12, 2016


The Big Bear trip did have one mishap. During our sledding outings, we had to navigate around trees. We told Da Boys that whenever we yelled out the warning "TREE" they were to abort, or eject, or roll off the sled into the snow. Well, during one run, we either forgot to yell, or Casey didn't hear us... Alas, he wasn't seriously hurt, and with a little consoling, he "got right back up on the horse sled."

Big Bear

Our first family vacation of 2016 was a snow adventure to Big Bear, Ca. We had great accommodations right on Big Bear Lake, thanks to Steve M. The house came stocked with a shuffleboard table, and a cocktail table video game system with all the '80's classics. Da Boys sure loved those games. We also got snow, and lots of it. We did many snow-related activities, including making snowmen, having snowball fights, making snow angels. We also had powder fights. At times, the snow was so powdery that it wouldn't compress into snow balls. So Sydney just threw powder at people. And then there was sledding. Everyone did lots of sledding. Da Boys even leaned a new term. When someone crashed the sled, and took a face full of snow, Da Boys learned to say, 'I ate Sh!t'... Yup, that was definitely a popular phrase during the stay. The Hurtado's joined us, so Da Boys got to play with their friends Paolo and Gian.

Da Boys sharing a bed

"Soldier Gear" Thermals

Casey, Sydney, Paolo and Gian

Sydney and the Honda Odyssey

Casey on the Sled

Daddy and Sydney

Mommy and Sydney

Casey, Sydney, Paolo and Gian

Throwin' Powder

Family Pix With Our Snowman

Sydney Chillin'

Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Birthday 2016

Another birthday has come and gone. This one was #5 for Sydney and #7 for Casey. Crazy how fast time flies. The theme of this years party was Mario.. As in Mario and Luigi, the famous video game characters. The chosen activity was 'Pump It Up'. For the uninitiated, this is an indoor facility that has inflatable bounce houses and slides.. Da boys go nuts in there, running and jumping and diving and falling. After two solid hours of cardio, it was back to the clubhouse for food, and cake.