Sunday, November 9, 2014

Who Knew?

Last week, Casey had been complaining about pain in his butt. And I mean a literal, physical pain in the butt; not a figurative 'Sydney is being a pain in my butt'... We automatically thought 'diaper rash'. Sure, its been awhile since we've had an episode of diaper rash, but sure enough, there are a few random red spots on his little cheeks. So, we applied the butt cream and called it a day. During the night, he woke up screaming and crying.. about his pain in the butt. So we responded by applying gobs and gobs of the butt cream.

A couple days later, Casey was still really complaining, so we scheduled a doctor appointment to get him checked out. The doctor started by checking his ears, nose and throat. Maybe that's just standard operating procedure, but part of me was thinking that doc needed an anatomy refresher course; the symptoms were on the other end!!! Finally, she had Casey drop his pants and she checked the danger zone... and promptly diagnosed him with... strep throat. Or more accurately, strep butt. Apparently, the two conditions are one and the same... or at least closely related. According to doc, the symptoms are very similar. I recall the times I've had a sore throat, and swallowing was the most painful thing in the world. Well, butt strep is the same. When one tries to poop, its very similar to swallowing with a severe sore throat.

Who knew???

Friday, November 7, 2014

No License, No Problem

A classic car has been passed down in Da Wang family for a few years. Initially, Nai-Nai bought this Pink Cadillac brand new from the dealer for Chantal and Elena. Recently, Da Cousins decided to pass it to Da Boys. It came home and Da Boys were anxious to drive it. But the battery was dead, and needed a charge. With all the electric cars these days, that phrase doesn't sound so odd. But this pure electric vehicle was ahead of its time! Once it was charged, Da Boys took turns driving it, and riding shotgun. As can be seen in the videos, Casey needs a little practice judging turning radius and reverse steering. Meanwhile, Sydney... Let's just say he seems to have inherited the Wang family gene that causes stop and go/lurching driving...

Does it look like Casey is very scared of Sydney's driving? I've been told many passengers have this same expression when Casey's dad is driving too..

Sydney Caddy from p wang on Vimeo.

casey caddy from p wang on Vimeo.