Monday, December 26, 2016

Halloween 2016

Wow, these years are flying by. A couple months ago, we celebrated yet another Halloween. This year, Sydney recycled his Mario costume from a year ago, while Casey was a ninja. We visited Legoland for their annual Brick-or-Treat event. We basically ran all thru Legoland at night, going to the different trick-or-treat stations they had set up. Many people opted to go on the rides and the attractions, but since we have annual passes, we saved all that for another visit.

Halloween night, we went trick-or-treating in the Hickory neighborhood. This year, Sydney often took the initiative and was first to the door. Big brother Casey was considerate enough to let Sydney lead some of the time. Sydney tapped out first, so Daddy and Sydney walked home together; Sydney was all excited to hand out candy to our visitors.. Alas, by the time we got home, we got ZERO visitors.