Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Casey and Sydney's Factory of Treats

Da boys and I went to the grocery store. Da boys picked out chocolate cake and sprinkles frosting. We walked in circles looking for eggs, and then spent considerable time debating the differences between brown eggs and white eggs. Ultimately convinced that brown and white eggs are interchangable, we returned home. Da Boys blocked off the kitchen, and created signs... "Casey and Sydney's Factory of Treats" and "Do Not Come In" . Da boys helped pour the water and the oil.. then did the most important task... Licked the cake batter bowl. We baked Mommy's birthday cake, then all Da Boys frosted it...

Blocking off the kitchen so Mommy cant come in
Warning sign: Do not come in
Casey and Sydney's Factory of Treats
Quality Control
Group Effort
Make a Wish and Blow