Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Watch Out Trees

So, one day Casey and I are riding bikes around the complex.  He loves to ride his bike. He's leading the way and I am following behind.  Suddenly he speeds up then stops, jumps off his bike, and before I can stop my bike and get off I ask....

Mom: Casey why are you stopping?
Casey: I need to piss on a tree!
Mom: WAHT?
Casey: I need to piss on a tree!

And he proceeded to pull down his pants and underwear down to his ankles and piss on a tree. Did he choose a tree in a discreet location? NO of course not.  He chose a tree out in the open where cars pass by all the time. He was pissing and a car was passing by with a mother and her daughter in the car. The mother placed her hand over her mouth and all I could do was laugh, shrug my shoulders with my hands in the air and shake my head. What could I do. 

My boy being the boy that he is....just like his daddy.

Gotta love my boys!

Basketball Playoffs

The TV is a constant battle in the Wang household. Casey and Sydney have their favorite shows, right now it's Octonauts. Meanwhile, Daddy favors basketball. Especially now that it's playoff time. Tonight, I won the battle and we watched some basketball. Casey got interested, and asked to wear his jersey. So, I got his 'retro' Steve Nash- Phoenix Suns jersey and he put it on to watch the game. We watched some basketball together, and then Casey wanted to PLAY basketball. So, I offered to take him to the YMCA to play. (Hey, gotta strike when the iron is hot) I loaded Casey and Sydney into the car and trekked over to the Y. Casey and I passed the ball back and forth. And I demonstrated how to dribble. Casey started practicing his dribbling. Meanwhile, Sydney rolled on top of a basketball, treating it like an exercise ball during core strengthening. Toward the end of the 'practice', I was holding the ball in front of Sydney. Suddenly, he swiped downwards with his right hand, knocking the ball from me. He promptly started giggling. It was a clean steal! Then he did it again and again. And each time, he laughed! Maybe he is destined to be a defensive star. As for Casey, he was content with our passing and dribbling 'drills'. He wasn't even tempted to shoot. Which is a good thing, because the rims were regulation height; 10 feet... It might be awhile before he can hoist shots up that high! Leaving the gym, Casey was already excited to go back and play again.