Thursday, July 16, 2015

Montana Cont.

Our Montana trip was covered so many different experiences and activities, I deemed it necessary to post multiple blog entries to focus on various aspects of the trip. Upon arrival in Glacier National Park, we camped parked the giant RV in Apgar campground. Da boys did get to experience campground cookouts and, of course, smores.

Casey and Noah playing chess at the campground

We took a drive along the famed Going To The Sun Road, until we reached the Continental Divide at Logan Pass. There, we found.... SNOW... in June. And of course Da Boys had a blast.

The remainder of our time in Glacier Park was spent hiking and visiting Lake McDonald. Words can not express how tranquil the lake setting was. We passed the time skipping rocks and enjoying the atmosphere.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Birthday Presents

Casey went shopping for something to buy for Daddy's birthday. I don't know how he knew, but he picked my favorite candy bar.. Snickers. Then he found out it had peanuts in it, (HE is allergic to peanuts, not me). So, he also picked a Twix bar, and paid for both with his own money. When he gave me my presents, he handed me the Snickers, and said, "This one is for you".. and he handed me the Twix and said, "and this one is for you to share with me".

Gotta love that kid.

Health Code Violation

Daddy recently celebrated a birthday. While Sydney and Daddy were out, Chef Casey got busy. He baked, frosted and decorated my birthday cupcakes. I hope our kitchen does not get a visit from the health inspector, because I doubt his outfit passes code.

Looks like someone taste tested the goods

Monday, July 13, 2015

Montana Part 2

One of the highlights of our recent Montana trip was 'camping' in Glacier National Park. I put camping in quotation marks, because we weren't really roughin it, we were stylin'.. in a 35 foot RV. This thing had a master bedroom with queen size bed, a bathroom, kitchen, living room, electricity and plumbing/water. During our first day at Glacier, we went river rafting along the Flathead River. It was a pretty mellow ride, great for Da Boys first river experience.

Friday, July 10, 2015

When in Rome

One of the main goals of our Montana trip was to expose Da Boys to things they don't get to experience every day around home. Not that Montana is a hotbed of car racing, but they have a famous local racetrack right there in Kalispell: Montana Raceway Park. So we took Da Boys to watch cars race on the oval track. The results were mixed. Casey enjoyed the races, while Sydney thought the cars were WAY too loud.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Montana Summer 2015 (Part 1)

Family vacation time. We decided to head to Kalispell, Montana for a family vacation. The first part of the trip entailed Sydney taking his first airplane trip. On the other hand, Casey is an old pro, with a total of... ONE plane flight under his belt. Sydney's first airplane trip started out with... a three hour departure delay! Though the delay certainly sucked, Da Boys did really well. Minimal whining and complaining; it was a pleasant surprise. Good thing they are very patient, just like their Daddy. LOL.

Killing time at the airport during our 3 hour delay!!

Sydney on his first airplane ride ever!

The flight itself was relatively smooth. Just before takeoff Sydney confided that he was 'a little bit scared'. I assured him there was nothing to be scared of, and we spent the majority of the flight talking about random topics.. until he fell asleep on my lap.

Our first day in Montana was spent exploring the nearby town of Whitefish. Of course, I was immediately drawn toward 'City Beach'.. Um, "We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto". This beach was set on a lakeshore. No surf, no volleyball. Our next stop was Big Mountain. Here, Da Boys rode their first ski lift. They also rode the 'Alpine Slide', which was a sled course set up in a luge-like tube that ran down the mountain. Back at the house, Da Boys and Daddy played lots of games, including chase, bicycle racing, and football. We finished the night with a BBQ and a fire pit, with smores.

Riding the ski lift

Football Game
Completed Pass to Casey
Blocking for Sydney
Bike Race

Da Boys Making Smores