Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Track Videos

See post below for the back story on the videos.

The first video is his first 100 meter race ever. It also culminated in his first medal ever. (He is in a blue shirt, black shorts, bib #161)

20150426144232 from p wang on Vimeo.

Listen carefully at the 0.5 second mark, he exclaims "I got a medal". I love how he looks at it with a sense of pride and accomplishment right after he says it. It's almost like him saying it made it sink in. Then, at the end, all the excitement gives way to the urge to pee!

20150426144328 from p wang on Vimeo.

Friday, May 1, 2015

I Got a Medal

For those of you who don't know, Casey is very competitive. He always wants to be first, always wants to win. In basketball, he rarely waits around to rebound a shot, he's too busy running to the other end of the court; not because he is cherry-picking and is trying to get easy layups, but rather because, he wants to be FIRST down court. Of course, that's not how basketball is played. So, Daddy came up with the brilliant idea of having Casey join track and field, in which the name of the game is run, and run fast.

Usually hesitant to try new things, Casey agreed to try track once we assured him there would be other kids there. His first practice went well. I didnt know just how well until the end, when he was SO excited to get a race bib for the Track Meet!

Fast forward 4 days until meet day. His first event was the long jump. I'm not even sure if he practiced the long jump, but he took his approach and jumped into the sand pit. He reached 5'1", good enough for 5th place. Not bad for his first time out!

His second event was the 50 m dash. When the starters pistol discharged... He just stood there, finally he took off running. During the race, he was looking around at the other runners. Even considering, he finished in 11.41 sec, good for 4th place in his heat. Unfortunately, only the top 3 finishers get medals. Afterwards, Daddy explained to him about listening for the starter's pistol and then immediately running. Then I realized, "How was he supposed to know about the starter's pistol?" No one explained to him that was what was going to happen, and that a guy shooting a gun into the air meant the start of the race. Rookie mistake on MY PART!

Bib Number 161, in Lane 1

His last event of the day was the 100m dash. With the start and the wandering eyes corrected, he was running in 4th place for most of the race, until he 'walked down' the runner in the lane next to him, finishing in 3rd place, and WINNING A MEDAL! He was so excited, and said, 'I did it, I won a medal'!!! In a photo finish, he ran 21.06 sec.

Finish Line Photo

Showing Off His Hardware