Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coffee Stain

Daddy took the boys to the beach yesterday. Solo... We were having a good time; Casey was playing in the sand, and I was holding Sydney, first in the Baby Bjorn and then just holding him against my chest. As I had him against my body, I was shifting his position... and noticed a large, brown-ish yellow stain on the front of my shirt. Kinda like a coffee stain... except, I don't drink coffee! Uh oh... investigating the next most probable scenario, I turn Sydney over.. and the back of his onesie has a matching stain.. I guess the sand on his fingers that he stuck in his mouth to suck on acted as a laxative. I will spare you the gruesome photos.. But only because I have found its pretty difficult to watch two boys and take photos at the same time...

I managed to change his soiled diaper... Lets just say it was a SLOW pit stop. By now, I have changed my share of diapers. But usually, it's done in a controlled environment. Changing table, diapers, butt cream, baby wipes all laid out and handy. This was on the sand, at the beach, in the wind. Oh, and did I mention I couldn't find the changing pad? I used his burp rag (yes, it subsequently went straight into the wash) as a makeshift changing pad.. (its better than laying his bum in the sand, right?) I finally controlled the squirmy baby and managed to finish the change.

After we got home, I gave Sydney a bath. I realized it was my first time giving him a bath by myself. I figured, as long as I didn't drown him, things would turn out ok. It was way better than that. Sydney enjoyed the bath; no crying just a big grin on his face the whole time. He even figured out how to splash Daddy!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

We had a nice Father's Day celebration all weekend, with a family day at the beach. WAY down the beach, Casey spotted a dump truck. At his request, Daddy and Casey hiked all the way down the beach to get a close look at the dump truck. Turns out, it was his lucky day. A tractor pulled up and was emptying its load into the dump truck. And the supervisor was in a 'Blue Truck'. Casey kept repeating three phrases.. "Dump truck, tractor, and blue truck".. When I asked him if he was ready to walk back, he replied, "Not yet". So we sat in the sand and watched the trucks some more. In the background of the photos, if you look CLOSELY, you can see the yellow dump truck off in the distance.

Casey and Daddy also got their feet wet in the ocean.

Considering its been unseasonably cold lately, we decided to sit and watch the ocean instead...

Father of the year

This being Father's Day, 2111, I thought it would be appropriate to post this one. Let's just say, I likely won't be getting any father of the year awards any time soon...

I'm upstairs, and I have to go down two flights of stairs. I have an empty diaper box and a 4 month old son to carry downstairs. What to do, what to do???? Two birds, one stone... Two objects, one trip... One empty box, one small child... Judging from the photo, Sydney wasn't very pleased with my decision...

Sydney's Life

Sydney just passed the 4 month mark. In some respects the time goes by so fast. Here is a brief synopsis of what he is doing these days. He has developed his neck muscles, so he is able to sit upright in a Bumbo seat.

His Mommy recently fed him ice cream for the first time. He didn't really have much of a reaction. His expression just said, "WTH? This stuff feels weird, and tastes weird too!" As you can see, not a huge percentage actually got into his system. Most is accounted for in the tower of drool, and the volume of liquid responsible for soaking his shirt.

Sydney has developed quite a grip. He can grab my hand, and return force when I try to pull away. I am attempting to teach him to pull my finger... He hasn't yet, but I will surprise him when he finally obeys my command. His big brother is very fond of him, and from time to time, they will hold hands...

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Escape from Alcatraz

We all knew this day would come. Casey has figured out how to climb out of his crib. I was able to catch it on film. He notices me with the video camera, and pauses to say, "Daddy picture". At one point, he announces his intention by saying, "out". When he is safely on the ground, he tells the camera, "Did it".. We still have child locks on his bedroom door, so he can't get far. Breaking out of his cell, but not the entire facility. So, I guess this isn't a full blown escape.

Escape from Alcatraz from p wang on Vimeo.