Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hi Mommy

Hi Mommy, I hope you are having fun at Mom's night out. Daddy and I hung out together tonight. He took me on a walk. I'm getting good at this walking thing. Curbs still give me a little trouble, but Daddy knows that, and all I gotta do is reach out for his hand, and he grabs my little hand and helps me balance while I climb the curbs. I like walking in the grass, and the little slopes and uneven spots arent giving me as much trouble as they used to; if I concentrate, I can keep my balance. I can even walk over the speed bumps now! There were a few cars parked out front, Daddy let me run on hands along them. I kinda dig touching cars; my hands got all dirty, but if I suck my thumb, it gets clean! I found my way to the water. There were no ducks today :(
Daddy put my in my spot in the tree. It's pretty cool up there, I can watch all the cars, and if I look straight down, I see reflections in the water. I'm not sure how he does it, but Daddy makes the tree sway and I just chill up there.
Next, we went to get the mail. While Daddy had his head in the mailbox, I found some dirt in the planter to play with. After the mailbox, we went home and watched some March Madness basketball. Daddy really likes that basketball stuff. I tried to watch it, climbing on my toys and holding onto the fence to get high and close to the TV. After a little while, I got bored and starting playing with my toys. Then, I had to drop a deuce.. so I grunted one out. Daddy was on the couch, saying something to me, but I didnt pay him no mind, I mean, seriously, leave me alone so I can do my business. But its all good, Daddy grabbed me, and I sat between his legs and we watched TV together. I was getting tired, so he rubbed my head. I was losing it fast, and gradually slid down, until I was laying on the floor right in front of Daddy. When there was a deadball timeout, Daddy took me upstairs, changed my diaper, put on my PJ's.
We played hide and seek around the recliner. I dont know why, but this game cracks me up. Daddy gets on all fours and chases me around the recliner, peeking his head around both sides until I start busting up laughing.
Daddy then tried to read me my Choo-Choo train book, but I was so tired, I turned the pages real fast, then shut the book. Daddy got the hint, and put me into my bed. I'll see you in the morning; when I'm ready to see you, I'll cry.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Why are YOU crying?

Here is something I don't understand. Just about everytime I change Casey's diaper, he starts crying. Lets talk about this. I have seen online videos of dads: in surgical gowns and masks, in Haz-mat suits and in respirators as they attempt to change a stinky diaper. As for me, I just go for it. If I happen to catch a whiff of some stench, so be it. I look at it as a grab-bag of surprises... Colors, textures, amounts, splatter pattern, each time its all different. Who knows what awaits when I un-velcro the diaper. At risk of jinx-ing myself, I will say.. its not so bad. Not that I have anything to compare it to. In my lifetime, I have changed the diapers of exactly ONE person.... Casey. So, I have no clue what other babies emit. But, to date, I havent had any eye-burning or vomit inducing efforts to clean up. If my eyes dont water, why would Casey's? Why would HE cry?? Someone else is cleaning up his S**&^... He might not know it yet, but that doesnt last forever. At some point, the free ride is over, and he will have to clean his own mess. I could understand if the person cleaning (the cleaner) is tempted to cry, but there is no reason for the person being cleaned (the cleanee) to cry... Its a win-win for the cleanee. He doesnt have to do the dirty work, he gets a fresh diaper, his privates all cleaned up and he no longer has to squish around in a puddle/ pile of poop. Why cry???

Daddy and His Sidekick

Casey and his Daddy love to play together and I love watching or just hearing them together. Casey loves playing chase with Daddy. He will run back and forth across the living room smiling and giggling as Daddy crawls on all fours behind him. Sometimes Casey gets Daddy spinning in circles like a dog chasing his own tail. Yeah, he's got Daddy wrapped around his little finger!  Casey will laugh when Daddy catches him and tickles, hugs, and kisses him.  It's sooo cute to watch. Another game Casey plays is drums on Daddy's head.  As Daddy lays on the floor with his head down Casey will drum on Daddy's head and play with his hair.  Then he'll try to lift Daddy's heavy head to see his face.  Daddy will assist Casey and lift his head to meet Casey's gaze and of course give Casey a funny face or sound for his efforts. If he tires of playing with Daddy's head he will just climb all over Daddy.  He is VERY into climbing anything and everything.

Yet, another game they share together is playing Pinball.  Casey stands on the ottoman next to the pinball machine and watches in awe all the lights, balls, and sounds as Daddy attempts to rack up as many points as possible. It's cute to watch Casey pound on the glass or bounce up and down in excitement. Someday Casey will have the top score on that machine.

Casey loves his books and will come up to us with a book, sit in our lap or next to us, so we can read him a story.  He prefers rhyming stories or just picture books where mommy and daddy can improvise.  Daddy has his own unique way of improvising. An example I have shared with other mom's is Daddy's way of sharing the "Baby's Home" book.  The first picture is of a baby standing next to a potty chair with the word "Potty".  Daddy's version "Potty where you take a CRAP!" Yes, I see it now, Casey in preschool..."teacher I need to take a CRAP."

They also love going out for a jog together in the jogging stroller or just taking a walk to the mailbox.  Sometimes I can hear them "chatting" or laughing together outside. It always brings a smile to my face and my heart!

I LOVE my boys!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Regardless of what I think about Kobe Bryant (selfish, cry-baby, whiner, etc) I have to admit he is one of basketballs all-time greats. He also leads the league in jersey sales. So, it would be appropriate to salute him with one finger (my middle one)... anyhow, as I was saying, his jersey is #1 in sales worldwide, and his team, the LA Lakers are #1 in overall team jersey sales too.
Recently, Uncle Ed gave little Casey his first basketball jersey for his 1st birthday! Here are photos of him strutting his stuff in his brand new Kobe jersey! When I see these photos, I too chant "MVP, MVP, MVP"

I'd say he likes his gift!

He's even got a strut like a pro basketball player. Tongue out, sweat soaked jersey... Ok, so it was slobber... details...
No baby, that was Michael Jordan who stuck out his tongue...

This is a view many defenders get just after Kobe blows by them on the way to the hoop.