Sunday, May 28, 2017


Yet another sign that they grow too fast. The other day, Casey was working on a homework assignment. He was writing a report on George Washington. So, he went to 'his' laptop, turned it on, fired up an internet browser, and typed "George Washington" into a search bar... All by himself, without direction. I just stood back, watched in silence, with my mouth agape.

Oh, did I mention.. 30 seconds later, Da Boys managed to search "Mario and Luigi Videos". And there went good ol' George Washington. I guess that's elementary school procrastination, digital-age style. Time for me to install parental controls on 'his' laptop!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hurt Shoulder, Melted Heart

I just got shoulder surgery. Torn labrum, blah, blah, blah. The first night I came home from the hospital, my right arm was numb from the nerve blocker. It just dangled by my side. I was pretty helpless. I needed help with pretty much anything and everything. I couldn't complete even the simplest tasks. For example, tying shoe laces. Try doing that one handed; with your non-dominant hand. We got out of the car, I sat in the garage, trying to figure out how to get my shoes untied, and off. Casey, who had already gone in the house to put his shoes away, came back out to the garage, bent down in front of me... Lifted one of my legs and held it. He untied my shoe and pulled it off my foot. All without saying a word. Then he grabbed my other foot, picked it up, held it, and untied and removed that shoe too.

He also told me that he had a surprise for me. That night, I took painkillers and went to bed, assuming he forgot all about my surprise. I woke up the next morning, and wasn't allowed in the kitchen. Turns out, Da Boys decided to make me breakfast in bed. It was all Casey's idea. He needed a little of Mommy's help executing, but Sydney make sure to tell me that it was all Casey's idea. Both Da Boys served me waffles, fresh strawberries, banana, bacon and orange juice in bed.

So yeah, my shoulder hurts pretty bad right now, but my heart is melted; full of joy and pride.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Basketball 2017

Casey just finished another season of youth basketball; Jr. Clippers at the YMCA. He played in the 7-8 yr old division. Daddy was his coach. It was so amazing to see his improvement. He is now watching basketball on TV, discussing strategies, and imploring the professional players to 'rebound the ball' and 'play some defense'.. He's really gettin it!!

Two blurry game videos, featuring Casey (#40 in black)

Rebound and basket

YMCA Basketball 2017 from p wang on Vimeo.

Coast to coast for the layup

YMCA Basketball 2017 from p wang on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sydney's First Tooth

On Friday Feb 17, 2017, Sydney lost his first tooth. And it's about darn time. Long ago, the permanent teeth decided they couldn't wait for the baby teeth to vacate, so they started growing in... right behind the baby teeth. But, finally, the first tooth decided to come out. Perfect timing too, because it coincided with the 'biggest rain storm in recent So. Cal. history'. At least, that's what the news media billed it as. Alas, it did rain that night.

At night, we put the tooth in the tooth fairy pillow. Come morning... the tooth was still there! The working theory around the Wang house is that because of the rain, the tooth fairy was not able to come. Something about her wings getting wet and she not being able to fly... I mean, it's either that, or Mom and Dad failed to oversee... Nah, it's gotta be because of the rain...

Happy Birthday 2017

We recently celebrated Da Boys birthday, 2017. They are now 8 yrs old and 6 years old! Oh my, where does the time go? This year, we had separate play date celebrations in Hickory Park. Each rather low key affairs, they invited friends to play and.... EAT DONUTS!!!

Casey's Crew
Sharing a Moment
Sydney's Crew

Da Boys had their choice for special birthday dinner. Of course, they could not agree on where to go. Sydney wanted McDonalds, while Casey wanted rolled tacos. Sensing a 'teaching moment' in logical thinking, we presented Da Boys with a choice... Option #1: Pick up McDonald's and take it to the rolled taco store... OR... Option #2: Eat at McDonald's one night, and the rolled taco store the next night. The logical thinking was... option #2 allowed for TWO special dinners. It took some convincing, but they finally bought into the logic. We had McDonald's one night, and the next night, we had 'McDonkey'... You see, the local rolled taco store is called El Burrito Jr; and it's logo is a donkey. Somehow, in all the conversations, McDonald's and McDonkey became a thing...
The night culminated with the most decadent chocolate cake ever. It was a chocolate cake lined with Kit-Kat bars and topped with M&M's... Severe chocolate overload!

Mario Decorations
Decadent Cake
Family Shot, with a Thrilled Daddy

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Snow Day 2017

We had a spur of the moment snow adventure in Jan 2017. The Han's and the Tung's joined Da Boys in the snow at Mt. Baldi. We did some sledding, built snowmen, and had a snowball fight.

Our adventure started out with Daddy and Casey trying to "Go Big" on a steep sled run. Well, we ended up crashing, and Casey blamed Daddy. He got out of the snow throwing stuff at Daddy and hitting poor innocent Daddy. In his defense, after viewing the video, it was clear he slammed his face in the snow pretty hard...

Mt Baldi Jan 2017 from p wang on Vimeo.

Snow ball fight! Da Boys re-purposed sleds as shields; they hid in their bunker...

Various family pix...

The Han Boys and the Wang Boys...

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Holiday Season Part 2

Part of the holiday season was spent catching up with, and spending time with friends, both old and current. I had the rare opportunity to introduce Da Boys to perhaps my oldest friend. (In the sense that her and I have the longest friendship, not in the sense that she is old as dirt) She and her family were visiting So. Cal, and I was fortunate enough to catch up with them twice; once in San Diego, and once near Disneyland.

We took this photo at Downtown Disney. Her two boys and our two boys. To me, the contrast in size is a powerful reminder that it all is going so fast. It seems that in a blink of an eye, Casey and Sydney will be as old and as big as Alex and Owen...

We rang in the New Year with the Nakamura's. As usual, all four boys played so well together. For the first time ever, Da Boys stayed awake until midnight!!! Quite the milestone...