Sunday, September 18, 2016


Another educational experience of parenting... Da Wang household recently experienced pinworms.. We first heard about this from the pediatrician a few months ago. Didn't know if it was an urban myth, a scare tactic.. I can now most definitely say "Nope, it's real".

For those of you non-doctors out there, I'll give a layman's description of pinworms. They are tiny little white worms that craw around in your anus. There aren't a lot of obvious symptoms, except for itchy-butt. Now, I know this is very real, and not at all a myth... because, I saw actual worms, in a actual anus, with my own two eyes... Without naming names, let's just say one of Da Boys was complaining about butt-itchies, and recalling the conversation with the Dr., Mommy decided to check. Then, said Boy wanted to see for himself, so we spread his backside open and videoed the crawling worms...

Good news is that they sell over the counter medicines to combat this. We rushed out to buy the medication, (the whole family is supposed to take the meds). So, I swigged the entire dosage... and about 10 minutes later ran to the bathroom. I'm not sure how the medicine is supposed to work, but I have a good guess... My diarrhea came out with such force, nothing in its path could have clinged to the anus and survived. It was like a torrential mudslide. I suppose that's one way to get rid of pinworms...

I'll spare the viewers of this blog the video and the photos... Lucky you.

That Time of Year Again

It's that time of year again. Sept. Which means back to school. This year is special, because Da Boys are going to the same school, Hickory Elem. Sydney is starting kindergarten, while Casey is now in 2nd grade. On the walk to school on day one, I asked Sydney how he felt about going to kindergarten. He told me he was a little scared, but now he's not scared anymore and he's excited to go. After he got home from his first day, I asked him how his first day of school went, and what did he do.. His response? "I dont rememeber".. Typical...

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