Friday, January 22, 2010


hi everyone.. mommy and daddy just told me that lots of people have been asking what i want for my BDAY!!! when daddy wasnt lookin, i jacked his computer and did some websurfing. teknology is great! i maked a wish list. u guys can see it here...

ps: my daddy told me to mention that you dont have to buy from any particular website, most of the stuff i want, you can get at different toystores!

thanks guys!

wang xue xian

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


While this doesnt exactly fit the theme of this blog, considering my target audience, I thought it was a good place to alert people. There has been a massive recall on Graco baby strollers. Reportedly, these strollers were made in China... I'm just sayin'..

Anyhow, you can read more about the recall here.

This is the US Consumer Product Safety Commission website. You can always go here for information on.... yup, product safety...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rainy Day Adventure

Well, yesterday was a very rainy and windy day. Casey and I were cooped up in the house but when I saw a break in the rain I decided we would try to take a quick walk to the post office. Some fresh air and a chance for Casey to see the outdoors after a rain.

Well, of course, half way there the rain and wind pick up again. Do we go back or keep going forward....Ah what the heck....keep going. Steering a stroller with one hand and holding a big umbrella to sheild Casey from the pelting with the other we powered on. Casey meanwhile just sat back and ate his cookie snacks while getting a little wet. It was rather challenging but we made it to the post office. Whew! Mailed out a letter and bought more stamps. Gave Casey another snack. Now, do we head back or wait a few minutes to see if the rain lets up a bit. Waiting...waiting...waiting

Okay, it's not going to let up anytime soon. We go for it. got worse. The rain I could handle but the wind WOW! Nearly knocked me, the umbrella, and stroller off the sidewalk a few times. I couldn't help but laugh along the way. Finally, we made it back to the safety of the garage. Yeah! That was challenging but FUN!

So now what should we do...go in and get dry....NOOOOO. I took Casey from the stroller and set him down to see which way he would turn. Armed with my camera I followed Casey right out into the rain. He was enjoying himself. Walking through puddles like it was nothing. Checking out the rain as it streamed off the rooftops. Finally carried him back into the garage and he was ready to go right back out. After a brief distraction we headed in, stripped down in the laundry room, put on some fresh, dry clothes and had some lunch. Now that was FUN!!!

Below is the video of Casey in the rain.

It's so fun to watch Casey experience things for the first time. Thanks for the fun Casey!!

Welcome to the Land of the Upright

It's been an amazing year! Casey has grown so much sooo quickly. It's crazy to me to think he was an absolute blank slate when he started. I love watching him learn every little thing from blowing raspberries to his new skill...

On Christmas Eve Casey decided to reach a new milestone. Taking his first steps. They may be a little wobbly in the video but he has been practicing since then and continues to improve. He also learned to stand up on his own and pick up toys from the floor without falling down. This may not seem like a big deal because we do this everyday over and over but for a blank slate these are incredible accomplishments.

Casey loves walking every where. You can tell by the big smile on his face and the excited babble he recites.

Welcome to the land of the upright Casey!!!

Note: The video was taken with a handheld picture's not always steady.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

All I want for Christmas...

Is my two front teeth! Merry Christmas Casey! He has exactly... two front teeth. His bottom two front teeth have finally come out.

So, I have been told there is a correlation between teething and diaper rash... Let me get this straight. A baby's teeth are developing in his mouth, and this somehow causes a rash on his a$$? I'm wondering if this trick is limited to babies. What about adults? The next time I have a toothache, should I run to the store and buy some Preparation H?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Learning Curve

As we rapidly approach Casey's 1st birthday, I have many thoughts about the past year. Most of the time, I try to share the thoughts with you guys in the form of different blog entries. Those of you who have been thru the parenthood thing can understand when I say its impossible to blog about everything that goes thru your mind during the 1st year of your child's life. So, I pick and choose.
One thing that has struck me is the learning curve. When Casey came to us last Feb. he was not capable of doing much at all. Reportedly, he couldnt see 5 inches in front of himself. He couldnt hold his own head upright. Amazing how fast that all changes. One day, I see him lifting his head. I remember the first smiles.. and the first giggles! I remember the days where he was like a turtle stuck on its back. We needed to roll him over. I remember the days when you would set him somewhere- And be sure that whenever you came back, he was right there. Then he figured out how to crawl. Actually, at the beginning, it was more of a modified crawl/ leg drag. One day, he figured out how to stand up. Then... WALK! This is a relatively new skill for him, but undoubtedly, his favorite. When he is doing it, his expression varies from huge grin, to outright laughter... SO HAPPY.. and every day, he improves his walking skills. I know I am probably glossing over many important, exciting 'firsts', but hopefully, we've done a good job of capturing most 'firsts' on camera and/or video.


When I first heard I was going to be a dad, the thing I was most exciting about was bonding with my kid thru sports. Taking him to ballgames, watching and maybe coaching him in little league, attending his games. Well, last night was a dream come true. We took Casey to his first professional sports game. OK, so it was a LA Clipper game. Contrary to popular belief, they ARE a professional team... I've been asking around, trying to find out when is the best age to first take your kid to a game.. I have never gotten a straight answer. So, we decided to find out first hand. A few factors went into our decision. First, we had access to four seats in a row. One seat for mom, one for dad, one for Casey, if he actually chose to sit, and one seat for all Casey's shtuff. Plus, it being New Years Eve, the game started one hour earlier than normal: 6:30PM. We figured that could help him still get to bed at a decent hour. We didnt exactly make it to the game in time for tipoff. Casey had to take his afternoon nap. But he woke up in a good mood and we were already packed, ready to go. We tried to dress him in his Clipper pajamas, but they dont fit anymore. Amazing how quickly newborns outgrow clothes. We settled for a red fleece jacket and a Clipper beanie. We got to the game in the 2nd qtr, and he sat there, soaking it all in. Honestly, I think he was more interested in the two guys next to us, who each pounded four beers. Casey kept staring at them, and smiling. Personally, I think it was the beer. Casey's gonna be drinker. Casey was his usual self, making friends with the females. The usher and the server both took an immediate liking to him.
The important thing is that Casey seemed to enjoy himself. He wasn't overwhelmed, didn't ever cry, and was in good spirits the whole time. I think he has earned himself an invite to another game!
Oh yeah, and the Clippers won the game; which means that Casey is undefeated as a live-fan of the Los Angeles Clippers. In case you dont know how crazy that is, consider Casey's cousin Andy. He once went a WHOLE SEASON without witnessing a Clipper win in person. 0-fer the season. At this rate, Casey might become a Clipper mascot... I can see it now. The Clipper Spirit (cheerleaders), Clipper Daryl (superfan) and Clipper Casey!

Family portrait at Staples Center

Air pup to the hoop!