Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tooth Fairy

We had a visit from the tooth fairy recently. Casey's two front teeth have been loose for a while now. In fact, they were so stubborn that the perm-a-teeth got sick of waiting for them to move out, instead they started growing in right behind them. So, the stubborn tooth that survived Mommy trying to physically remove them with vicegrips, finally fell out naturally. Thankfully, in anticipation of this day, Casey's school class made special tooth pillows. The pillow had a separate pocket for the tooth, and of course, a special place for the $$$.

Friday, April 24, 2015

SD April, 2015

We had a wonderful Wang family gathering in SD. Uncle Ed, Auntie Michelle, Chantal and Elena came to town and we all invaded Nai-Nai and Ye-Ye's house. All the cousins had a blast playing together. They played a game of cops and robbers, or good guys v. bad guys... Apparently, Casey and Sydney were bank robbers while Chantal (Police Chief) and Elena (Deputy) were the police. The Chief and Deputy chased the robbers all around the park. Periodically, they would catch the bad guys, only to have them escape. The robbers utilized their scooters and bikes as get-away vehicles.

In hot pursuit

Busted. Getting hauled to jail

Check out Mommy on the tire swing!

Auntie Michelle hooked all the kids up with a ton of Legos!! They all worked in teams to construct the Lego projects.
Chantal taught her little cousin Casey how to play guitar.
Of course, we had wonderful family dinners!

Breast Cancer

We recently had a Rocha family get-together, in part to commemorate/celebrate Avo's 15 year battle against breast cancer. Her brother, sister, kids and grand kids were present. Da family had special shirts made, and everyone surprised Avo with the shirts. Even her grand kids rocked the special shirts. Congrats Avo!