Monday, November 16, 2009

Casey's World

Here are little glimpses into Casey's world, as it exists now-a-days.

I think there is a saying, 'Like father, like son'... or was it, 'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree'

Casey did this all by himself. Mom was in the process of packing, and Casey saw the suitcase open, so he ventured over to it, hopped in, and was entertained by a Costco sized package of diapers. Amazing what captures a kids attention. Babies-R-Us probably wont like this, but the 2 things that have entertained Casey THE MOST, far more than any overpriced toy... ceiling fan and baby wipe package.

Someone, somewhere thought it was a good idea to let Casey and his friend play with Jello, pudding and spaghetti. Reportedly, Mom was able to salvage the onesie!

Casey was appropriately dressed as a monkey for his 1st Halloween.

In the car on the way to his first Halloween party.

At the Green's Halloween party. Poor monkey is trying to raid the candy filled pumpkin, I tried to explain to him that this little monkey couldnt have candy.... Yet...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The past 9 months have been quite an experience. Its truly amazing how much both parents and baby experience in such a short amount of time. There are tons of little experiences that are priceless; I could literally write for days on end describing them. Alas, I have a day job, so I pick and choose what to share with ya'll.
Here, I return to a familiar theme of this blog... Poop. What amazes me is the variety of poop. Textures, amounts, thickenesses, colors, smells; there are no two identical poops. I've seen bright orange... not like dull rusty orange, I'm talking BRIGHT. I've seen green, red, black and many shades of brown. How is this possible? Is there some correlation between what goes in vs. what comes out? Or is there something more to it? The other day, we (Mom and Dad) had guacamole, chips, beans, rice and enchiladas. Let's be clear about something.. Casey DID NOT eat any of the above. 2 hours later, I was changing Casey's diaper.. See below...

This got me thinking, I probably should have been giving each of Casey's efforts individual names all along. Maybe I'll start now.. This masterpiece is titled 'Guacamole and bean dip', served on a size 4 Kirtland diaper.