Monday, April 18, 2016

School Award

We recently got an email from Casey's school. In my experience, any contact from a kids school is rarely good. Anyone who has fielded a telephone call from the school nurse can remember that knot in your stomach and your heart skipping a beat while you wait for the nurse to tell you what happened to your child. Similarly, it's pretty rare a teacher will call or email just to say , " Just wanted to tell you little Jonny is such a treat to have in class". Face it, more often than not, contact from the school means bad news.. Or maybe that's just my childhood experiences scaring me.. Anyhow, back to the recent email from Casey's 1st grade teacher. It informed us that Casey won an award, and was being honored at the school assembly the next day. We quickly shuffled our schedules so we could attend.

Enjoying the School Assembly

Beaming with Pride

Award Winner Group Shot

Award Details

Award Details

He won an award for his outstanding effort and research on his animal habitat report. And an award for excellent work on his King Cobra report- including awesome details and outstanding illustrations and handwriting.

Congrats to Casey, we are very proud of you!!

Slumber Party

Recently, Da Boys have been organizing their own slumber parties. After we tuck them in their respective beds, kiss them goodnight, turn out the light and shut the door... The party begins. The venue rotates; sometimes they convene in Sydney's bed, sometimes they convene in Casey's bed. But more often than not, they bed hop and fall asleep in the same bed.

At Nai-Nai and Ye-Ye's House

In Sydney's Bed

In Casey's Bed


Thursday, April 14, 2016

Window Into His Soul

The other night, Sydney and I decided to play Sorry. (The Board Game) There are four colors of playing pieces; Green, yellow, red and blue. As we were setting up, Sydney asked me what color I wanted to be. Knowing his ABSOLUTE FAVORITE color is green, and wanting to see his reaction, I told him I wanted to be green. Without missing a beat, he responded, saying he was going to be blue. I watched his facial expression, and his reaction... He didn't pout, he didn't whine, he didn't cry, he didn't throw a tandrum. He took it all in stride. If he was disappointed, he didn't let it affect him. After a minute or so, I asked him if he wanted to be green instead. Boy, did he ever jump at that chance! His reaction time was so fast. He took me up on my offer in a heartbeat. I settled on the color blue. But, my ultimate color is irrelevant. I intended to give him green the whole time. But what I saw warmed my heart. I looked through a window, directly into Sydney's soul. He has such a gentle, caring, giving and selfless soul. I'll take the ugly-ist color in the world, everytime, if it means I get to see such wonderful traits in my son.