Sunday, December 28, 2014

Polar Express

During Thanksgiving, 2014, we took a family adventure. We went to Williams, Az The North Pole. We drove to Williams, Az, then boarded the Polar Express train to the North Pole. There, Santa hopped on our train and hitched a ride back to Williams. This town of Williams could very well be the town that served as the inspiration to the movie Cars. Set along historic Route 66, it was 'bypassed' when Interstate 40 was built. The town has bounced back nicely, remaking itself as the 'Gateway to the Grand Canyon'. It certainly has retained it's nostalgic feel, albeit with modern, tourist-trap food prices. Another memorable highlight for Da Boys was Bearizona. It is an animal habitat which you can drive your vehicle through. It affords a close up view of lots of animal species that you rarely get this close to. The last destination of our trip was the Grand Canyon. While too young to hike the canyon, Da Boys did manage a short, scenic walk along the South Rim.

Waiting to board the Polar Express train
Reindeer Bell. Do you believe?
Traffic Jam in Bearizona
Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
Sydney and Elvis

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dodger Stadium

Uncle Andy invited Casey to a baseball game at Dodger Stadium. But not just any baseball game. After the pros finished their 9 innings, the kids got to run the bases and play catch on the actual field. What a cool experience for the kids!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Broadway Musical Bound!!!

Casey just participated in his first school play. He was a turkey in his kindergarten production. About a month ago, when he informed us he was going to be in his school play, we had a family vacation scheduled to conflict. He was SO BUMMED he was going to miss his play. But then, he apparently began to slack off in rehearsals, because after making a family decision to postpone our trip to accommodate his play, he informed us that he could no longer participate, because he didn't learn the songs. By this time, he still had a week to prepare, so hopefully he crammed and learned the songs. Showtime arrived, and slowly all the actors took their place on stage. They proceeded to sing, dance and act a number of songs. My favorite is captured in the video below. It was my favorite because of how much feeling and emotion Casey put into it. He definitely rocked it!!!

See ya on Broadway kid. Here is where it all started!

Casey's Kindergarten Play from p wang on Vimeo.