Monday, August 18, 2014

A day to remember

This one is more for me than anyone else. No cool pictures, no funny stories. Just documenting Sunday, Aug. 10th 2014. Casey and I went to El Retiro park, where there is an 8 foot basketball rim. I taught my little man how to play around-the-world, h-o-r-s-e and p-i-g. He wanted to play chicken and cow! He then suggested we play one-on-one. He was the dinosaurs and I was the sharks. It was a hot day, and I played shirtless. Casey said, " I want to take my shirt off too". There he was, a mini version of Daddy, playin ball. Then, I taught him the concept of 'shirts and skins', so when he gets older and plays pickup basketball he'll know he'll either be on the shirts team, or the skins team.

I've played a lot of basketball in my life; and this day, the first day of playing bball games with Casey ranks at the top of my list. It was a day to remember!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Small Gesture, Big Heart

Sydney wanted to play Candyland with me. He had the board all set up and the game pieces all picked out. He told me that he is green (his absolute FAVORITE color) and he picked red for me. He said green was going to go first, and red was going to go second. Just to see what his response would be, I told him that I wanted to be green. Without hesitation, he said, "OK Daddy, you are green, and you can go first". I was so touched... However, in reality, I didnt really care what color I was. So, I then decided, " I want to be yellow today". He gladly reclaimed green, but he did let me go first!

I just thought it was a sweet, thoughtful act by my little man!