Monday, September 30, 2013

Sydney Bike

After months of watching big bro have all the fun on a bike, Sydney has apparently decided to join the fun. Upon mounting his bike, he recently began PEDALING! The concept of the coaster brake is still foreign to him, but when he gets some forward momentum going, he strings together a decent pedal cadence. And when he gets stuck, he calmly looks around for some help… in the form of a gentle boost from behind. Enjoy the video…

Sydney Bike Riding from p wang on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

T-Ball 2013

We recently officially started Casey’s baseball career. In the past, we “practiced” t-ball out back. But now, he joined the Torrance Little League Fall Ball league. Supposedly fall ball is supposed to be more relaxed than regular season little league. Considering the games are scheduled for 8 AM and 9:30AM Sunday mornings, I can’t wait to experience ‘less relaxed’ little league. Oh yeah, did I mention that practice is held 30 minutes BEFORE the games. Yup.. 7:30AM on Sundays…

In preparation for his first game, we took Casey shopping for a baseball glove. Step one was to determine the proper size glove for him. This was kinda difficult, because he didn’t know how to spread his fingers to fit the glove on his hand. We finally got the fingers spread, and the proper size glove determined.

Come game day, we pick up Casey’s first baseball ‘uniform’. This consisted of the league provided hat and t-shirt. For the first game, this was his ‘uniform’.. (and I use that term loosely)… because… I didn’t realize each player (read: parents) are responsible for providing baseball pants, cleats and batting helmet.

Gametime: I generally live life without regret. However, I just may regret one thing for the rest of my life. That one regret will be that I didn’t video record this first t-ball game… Because….

While on defense, the coaches placed each kid at a different position. Ie: first baseman, second baseman, etc. When the other team would hit the ball, some kids would not react… AT ALL. They never looked in the general direction of the ball, never changed facial expression, pretty much had no clue a ball was hit. Meanwhile, one or two kids, no matter where positioned, would bee-line for the ball… wherever it was hit. So, picture a groundball hit between the 1st baseman and 2nd baseman. And the 3rd baseman runs clear across the infield to fetch the ball. Meanwhile, the 1st and 2nd basemen don’t react… at all!

While batting, kids would hit the ball off the tee. (This act came surprisingly natural to them). This is when the fun started. Some kids would just stand in the batters box. Not like a pompous major leaguer admiring a homerun, but rather just stand there chillin’ while the entire crowd and both coaching staffs yelled for the batter to RUN. At the point, batters would usually run… To who knows where. Casey chased after the ball he just hit! Some ran towards third base, and some ran toward the pitchers mound. Who knows, maybe they watch too much MLB and see batters charging the pitchers mound in retaliation of a bean ball.

Choking Up on the Bat
Keeping His Eye on the Ball

At-Bat #2

Touching Home Plate

Fully equipped: After the first game, we took Casey on a shopping spree. We bought him a batting helmet, baseball pants and cleats. And we practiced hitting and subsequently running to the correct base. And we practiced utilizing that ‘thing’ on his hand… The glove… and the concept of chasing a batted ball and fielding said ball in the glove.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

SD Visits

We recently took two trips to visit Nai Nai and Ye Ye in San Diego. The first trip coincided with a visit from Uncle Ed and his whole family. Approximately one month later, we were going down to celebrate Nai Nai's birthday. The first thing Casey asked was, "Are Chantal and Elena going to be there?". Unfortunately, they were not, but Da Boys got to see Nai Nai and Ye Ye.... And help decorate Nai Nai's birthday cake! Some photographic highlights from the trips...

Casey decorating Nai Nai's Bday cake
Sydney decorating Nai Nai's Bday cake
Happy Birthday Nai Nai!!
Kisses for Ye Ye
Kisses for Ye Ye
Huge Smile!!!

Sydney Swim Lessons

We are nearing the completion of Sydney's first swimming session. This was a "Daddy and Me" swim class at the YMCA. It's a little misleading, because Sydney has logged many hours swimming in pools, he just hasn't had formal swim lessons... Until now. He seems to have enjoyed the class, constantly flashing that HUGE smile of his. His favorite part is when he gets to choose a toy (always the green ball), throw it across the pool and then 'swim' after it. His least favorite part is definitely floating on his back and learning the basics of a back stroke. I suppose this is kinda to be expected, as laying upside down, perfectly still, in water is an acquired taste/skill. It is counter intuitive, and certainly seems like flailing wildly and panic-ing is the proper response. But, as the lessons have continued, Sydney has calmed down and now will lay still.. and count real fast to 10.. and promptly get up... Once he turns 3 years of age, he will be eligible to take swim lessons without Daddy.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Clock is Blue

This past weekend, we put Sydney down for his usual afternoon nap. At this point, he usually naps for about 2 hrs. However, this time, the 2 hour mark came and went without him busting out the door and announcing his presence. A quick glimpse at the baby monitor revealed that he was awake, but just playing quietly in and around his bed. A notorious slow riser, we just assumed he was enjoying the solitude before joining the rest of us. After he stayed in solitary confinement for an additional 1.5 hours, Mommy went to check on him. The first thing he said was, "Clock is blue". You see, we have this clock that changes colors. We have it (and apparently, Da Boys) programmed to be yellow when its 'awake time' and blue when its 'sleepy time'. On this day, there was a clock malfunction (the blue button was stuck) and the clock never changed from blue back to yellow as scheduled. And Sydney was just doing as he was taught... Blue = Sleepy time...