Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sydney's First Tooth

On Friday Feb 17, 2017, Sydney lost his first tooth. And it's about darn time. Long ago, the permanent teeth decided they couldn't wait for the baby teeth to vacate, so they started growing in... right behind the baby teeth. But, finally, the first tooth decided to come out. Perfect timing too, because it coincided with the 'biggest rain storm in recent So. Cal. history'. At least, that's what the news media billed it as. Alas, it did rain that night.

At night, we put the tooth in the tooth fairy pillow. Come morning... the tooth was still there! The working theory around the Wang house is that because of the rain, the tooth fairy was not able to come. Something about her wings getting wet and she not being able to fly... I mean, it's either that, or Mom and Dad failed to oversee... Nah, it's gotta be because of the rain...

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