Sunday, February 19, 2017

Happy Birthday 2017

We recently celebrated Da Boys birthday, 2017. They are now 8 yrs old and 6 years old! Oh my, where does the time go? This year, we had separate play date celebrations in Hickory Park. Each rather low key affairs, they invited friends to play and.... EAT DONUTS!!!

Casey's Crew
Sharing a Moment
Sydney's Crew

Da Boys had their choice for special birthday dinner. Of course, they could not agree on where to go. Sydney wanted McDonalds, while Casey wanted rolled tacos. Sensing a 'teaching moment' in logical thinking, we presented Da Boys with a choice... Option #1: Pick up McDonald's and take it to the rolled taco store... OR... Option #2: Eat at McDonald's one night, and the rolled taco store the next night. The logical thinking was... option #2 allowed for TWO special dinners. It took some convincing, but they finally bought into the logic. We had McDonald's one night, and the next night, we had 'McDonkey'... You see, the local rolled taco store is called El Burrito Jr; and it's logo is a donkey. Somehow, in all the conversations, McDonald's and McDonkey became a thing...
The night culminated with the most decadent chocolate cake ever. It was a chocolate cake lined with Kit-Kat bars and topped with M&M's... Severe chocolate overload!

Mario Decorations
Decadent Cake
Family Shot, with a Thrilled Daddy

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